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We are excited to bring back the much-anticipated Quarterback School to the Carolinas. Our Quarterback School is designed to provide comprehensive and specialized training to develop fundamentally-sound elite quarterbacks. The Quarterback School details can be found below.

In addition to the Quarterback School, Coach Flowers is available for private coaching sessions in June and July. Please forward all private session requests to

  • Quarterbacks will learn:
    Stance, Drops, Release & Follow-through, Ball Placement & Accuracy, Pocket Movement, Ball Handling & Play-Action, and Screen Game Footwork. In the classroom we will cover Recognizing Base Fronts & Defensive Line Techniques,Recognizing Base Coverages, Understanding Passing Concepts & Read Keys, as well as expectations of a Quarterback, Leadership Skills, and much more.

  • Quarterback School age requirements:
    Our sessions are designed for athletes entering grades 6-12. Parents and coaches are always welcome to observe on-field training and classroom sessions.

  • Quarterback School dates and time:
    Due to inclement weather we regretfully have to cancel the June 8, 2013 QB School. Current field conditions are not conducive, nor safe, for the exercises and drills we utlilze in the QB School. In an effort to provide the best experience possible we would rather cancel the event than each QB not be safe and get the full benefit of the instruction. We thank you for your support and hope to offer you a more robust QB School in the future. Registration is now closed.
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